The Oculus Rift II Review on Best Headset for PC 2017

The Oculus Rift is a sleeker, fabric-coated exterior design and smaller footprint virtual headset. It gives you a virtual reality experience. It’s A Head-Mounted device. It looks like a futuristic device which more comfortable too on and off and feels more comfortable.
Yeah, it’s a significant thing for many interested visitors. Because they always want to know about the new tech. So I’m here only for help you through disseminate more valuable information about Oculus Rift review.

What’s The Oculus Rift?

The Oculus is a virtual reality headset. Which was manufactured and developed by Oculus VR.It was a division of Facebook Inc. and released on March 28, 2016.It gives us being virtual world feelings instead of an actual virtual world. In use this headset, you can get the beautiful feelings and experience all without ever leaving your home. Such as a different place, in a different time, sometimes as far as an alien world.
So if you want to enjoy these fantastic feelings, you can stay with us.

Oculus Rift

Feature of the Oculus headset

If you get a headset, at first you will want to decide, why do you want it? Only for severe gaming or casual virtual reality experiences. After taking this decision, you can choose your devices. So now we inform you about Feature of this headset. Please see the following things-
• Two sensors and the Touch Controllers.
• Three dimensions and gives depth to the image.
• Integrated 3D audio sound.
• Build of Fabric Plastic.
• Host device – windows pc – the Oculus Rift connects to a VR-ready gaming PC.
• Weight – 470 g.
• Positional tracking.
• Motion controls
• Gamepad
• Display resolution – 1200*1080per eye.
• Size- 184mm

how to use Rift Headset on your Windows

In this review, I have informed you how to play Oculus Rift games on your Windows. It is simple Mixed Reality headset. For this review, I assume you get necessary information and able to play Steam VR games on your Windows through this MR headset. So follow these steps:
Firstly – Install Oculus Home.
Secondly – Install Revive.
Thirdly – Launch Oculus Home.
Fourthly – Launch Windows Mixed Reality.
Fifthly- Launch Steam VR Step and
Finally, Click on the Revive Button within Steam VR.


• Positional tracking gives you three sensors set up an advantage in your playing space.
• The Rift has built-in headphones which you can’t get another headset.
• A more comprehensive field of view which give you a wider-open glimpse feelings into the virtual worlds.
• It provides Interpupillary distance (IPD) advantage.


It’s not a wireless system which it’s disadvantage. It has a cable connecting headset.

Notably, the Oculus Rift the still the flagship VR headsets. There are many of the hardware specs, such as the internal display, field of view, positional tracking, and Interpupillary distance are the most advantage of the Rift.
In particular, the controllers and tracking system differs from another device. So if you want to get virtual entertainment world from this invention, then you can choose it and enjoy it.


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