Photoshop Tutorials Free for Beginners

The Photoshop is a very amazing tool for editing photos and if you are a beginner, then you must follow my Photoshop tutorials free in the below. The tutorials of this site will help you to know all about Photoshop and its tools easily. Besides, you will be able to use them by following here’s tutorials.

Best Photoshop Tutorials Free

Photoshop Tutorials Free

You can know all about Photoshop from the Photoshop tutorials free in the below. Besides, if you have any problem with Photoshop Color correction, then you can contact and take help from Colorcube Graphics.

Custom Shape Tool

The Photoshop tutorials free will help you to understand the basics of Custom Shape Tool. Besides, you will be able to learn everything you need to know to start adding custom shapes to your layouts and designs. It also includes how to use many settings like Stroke, Fill, and much more.

Dodge Tool

This tutorial also introduces the Dodge tool as well. However, you will be able to learn how to selectively lighten areas of any image. You can learn all about brush options, Exposure, and Range as well from this site’s tutorials.

Burn Tool

This tool is very important in Photoshop and you can learn how to use it in the Photoshop tutorials free from here. Moreover, with the help of my tutorials you will be able to work with Shadows, Highlights, and Midtones in burn tool easily.

Image Sizing tool

This tool will allow you to manipulate bitmaps and also enable you to create a virtually unlimited array of effects. Besides, it is very important in photo editing and making photos cool. So, must have to learn that how this tool works from this site’s tutorials.

Face-Aware Liquify

You must know that the latest version of Photoshop CC’s Liquify tool has some amazing facial recognition skills. However, those skills enable to detect areas of the face, for example, eyes, nose, mouth, and overall face shape. You will be able to know how it works from here and you will be able to adjust and wrap them with impunity as well.

Layer Masks

In this Photoshop tutorials free, will help you to know and learn about layer masks easily. Now, it will enable you to streamline your digital art workflow in the Photoshop. All beginners will quickly learn about layer masks which are one of the most fundamental parts of the Photoshop.

Color Replacement Tool

The Color Replacement tool is a great tool for photo editing. This tool lets users do much more thing and make their photo cool. In the meantime, it allows users to paint roughly over an area of any image. You can learn how to replace colors based on Saturation, Hue, Color, and Luminosity for this site easily.

Content-Aware Move Tool

This tool is one of the most important tools and the Photoshop tutorials free will tell how you can use it. Basically, it enables users to select pixels and extend or move them to another area of your photo without the use of masks and layers.

Finally, I hope the above Photoshop tutorials free will help you to know all basics about Photoshop. You can also visit my other Photoshop tutorials on this site to know more.

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