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Marketing Services – Google AdWords

marketing services - Google AdWords

marketing services – Google AdWords

As of this time, we have been analyzing Organic promotion. Let’s take a look at
Google’s Paid Promotion Platform is called Google AdWords. This platform is also called as
Google Pay Per Click (PPC). Using this platform, you can place Text Ads on Google
Search Results page, Display Ads in Google Display Network, and Video Ads on YouTube.
If people click on your ads, you will be paying a certain amount to Google based on Ad
Auction results. Hence it is called Pay Per Click.

Google AdWords

marketing services - Google AdWords

Paid Ads in Google Search
Have you seen Ads in Google Search? Can you spot Ads on Google Search Result Page
listed below

Google Paid Ads in Search
What you see above (A & E) are called Text Ads created using the Google AdWords Platform.
Please note the Keyword searched by this user: yoga classes in Delhi. This Keyword is
also called a Search Term.

What happens here?
Many Competitors are running online marketing campaigns using Google AdWords for
the search term “yoga classes in Delhi ” and mapping it with specific Ads. Hence you
see such ads in Google Search when you type this Keyword

If someone clicks on a Text Ad above, the respective client who owns this Ad will be
paying a certain amount to Google. Hence this platform is also called Google Pay Per
Click (PPC).
There are various types of Ads:

Text Ads

Banner Ads

Video Ads
Let’s take a look at Text Ads. Banner Ads and Video Ads will be covered later in this
Chapter. Let’s analyze various attributes of a Text Ad

Text Ad

marketing services - Google AdWords

Headline (25 Characters): Yoga Besant Nagar Chennai [Usually, the Headline should
need to have Keywords searched by the user. This helps you to get the user’s attention.]

Display URL (35 Characters):[Please note this is
not the actual website page URL. Only the domain in this URL is correct
and it should match the actual domain. “/Chennai-Clinics” need not be the actual
URL. This portion is used to display or convey the URL details or unique points to attract
the user. Hence it is called Display URL.]

Description Line 1 (35 Characters): Clinics < 2 KMs From Your Location [We need to have Unique Selling Points listed in this Line 1. You should differentiate your ad from other competitor ads.]

Description Line 2 (35 Characters): Book an Appointment Instantly[We need to have a Call To Action (like Enquire Now, Buy Now, Book Now, …) listed in this Line 2. This will make the user take immediate action by clicking on your Ad.

Destination URL/Final URL (1024 Characters): This attribute is not visible in the ad. It is a link to the actual website page URL. If someone clicks on this ad, it will land them on the actual website page URL (also called as Landing Page URL). You provide this URL when you create an Ad in AdWords and the rest will be taken care of.

Text Ads can be displayed in the following Google network

Google Search (Only in Google Search)

Google Search Partners

Google Display Network


Google Search Partners are non-Google Search Networks that partnered with Google to
show Ads. For example, is a Google Search Partner. There are hundreds of such
Search Partners. Google Search Partners also includes Google Maps, YouTube, and other
Google sites.
In this chapter, we are going to create Text Ad Marketing Campaign targeting Google
Search Network using Google AdWords.
Before we create any Marketing Campaign, we need to have a better strategy in place. We
should review our website and come up with the following points:

Campaign Structuring and Budgeting

Targeting Ideas

Unique Selling Points

Call To Action

Once we have these 5 points, we will be able to create an effective marketing campaign in
Google AdWords.

Campaign Structuring and Budgeting:

marketing services - Google AdWords

If you have many divisions in your organization, we usually allocate a marketing budget
for each division and measure Return on Investment (ROI). This helps us identify the best-performing divisions. In your case, the division may be a product or service, or brand. So,
you should create multiple marketing campaigns in AdWords if you have multiple products
lines and want to allocate a specific budget and measure ROI for a specific product line.

You need to allocate a special budget reserved for the seasonal campaign

Targeting Ideas

Who are your target customers? Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer
(B2C)? The keyword searched by a consumer looking for a product in Google Search will
be different from the keyword searched by a distributor looking for a manufacturer. As a
business owner, it is important to identify the correct keyword and target your Text Ads.

Where are your customers located? In a specific city or country or worldwide.

Unique Selling Points

What is unique about your company? We are in business since 1975. List all.

What is unique about your website? Free Shipping, Secured Payments. List all.

What is unique about your specific product or service? Offers, Technical Specification.
List all.

Call To Action(answer What Next? on any page)

Inquire Now

Buy Now

Add To Cart

Learn More

Call Now


Do you want your Ads to run from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM? or All

Do you want your Ads to run on all Devices like Laptops, tablets, and Mobile? Do you
want to exclude Mobile devices?
You need to have answers to all the above 5 sections to start your campaign in AdWords. You
also need to understand a few basic terms.

Campaign in AdWords Account: A Campaign is like a root folder (say C:\ or D:). You
can create multiple campaigns from your AdWords Account.

Adgroup: Adgroup is like a theme-based sub-folder under a Campaign.

KeywordandAd: A theme-based Adgroup will have specific theme-based Keywords
and Ads designed for such Keywords.

A Campaign may have multiple Adgroups to cover multiple keyword themes.

Impressions: An impression will be counted if your ad appears in Google Search

Clicks: If someone clicks on your ad impression, it will be counted as a click.

CTR(Click Through Rate): Number of Clicks divided by Number of Impressions.

Let’s create a simple Text Ad Campaign in AdWords with the following inputs:

marketing services - Google AdWords

Aim: We provide Digital Marketing Training in our Delhi office. If someone searches for
keywords like “digital marketing training” in Google, I need my ad to appear. Let’s create
Text Ads Campaign.

Website Landing Page or Destination Page URL where you talk about this specific

(If someone clicks on my Text Ad, it should take them to the above specific training page.)

Network: I want my Text Ads to appear only in Google Search.

Target Location: 20 Miles around Anna Nagar West Extension, Chennai. Also, I receive
inquiries from a place called Karur which is located outside Chennai. People come from
there to attend this training.
Let’s begin working on the AdWords interface. Go,

Step 1:Click on Start Now or Sign In to create a new AdWords account.
Once you click on Start Now, it takes you to the Welcome screen. As
always, please use the same Gmail ID to sign up for all Google Services.

Step 2: Enter your Gmail ID
Enter your country, Time ZoneandCurrency. Once saved, these settings cannot be
changed later.
These settings do not affect the targeting audience location. These settings will be used for
your Reporting and Billing purpose.
Click on Save and continue.

Step 3: It takes you to the login screen. Provide your Gmail ID and Password to sign up
for AdWords.

Step 4: After a successful signup process, it takes you to the Google AdWords Campaigns
Tab . Choose “Create your first campaign” to create your first campaign.

Create your first campaign
Step 5:You are on the Campaign Creation page. Always choose the Campaign Type first and
then enter your Campaign name

Choose Campaign Type and Name
What should be the campaign type?
We have 4 options to choose from. They are

Campaign Type

Search Network with Display Select

Search Network Only

Display Network Only

As our focus is to create Text Ad Campaign targeting Google Search Network, Choose
“Search Network only” as Campaign Type
Usually “Search Network only” Type is more suitable for Businesses that require
immediate leads/sales.

Step 6: Choose “All Features” in the subtype given on the right side.All
Features subtype enables features like Ad Scheduling, Ad delivery methods, and all the ad
extensions that are not available inStandardsub type.

Step 7:Now enter the Campaign Name ‘Justupcoming Digital Marketing”

Step 8: If you want to show your Text Ads only in Google Search, uncheck “include
search partners”. If you also want to show your Text Ads in Google Search Partners, leave
it checked.

Step 9:Devices option by default will be enabled to show ads on all devices.
i.e., your ads will be shown on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile.

Step 10:Our Target locations are Delhi and 20 Miles around Delhi. So, choose Advanced Search to select these locations.

Step 11: There are four tabs Search, Radius targeting, Location groups, and Bulk locations.
We are going to use the first two. Type “Delhi” in the search box and choose
Add. This location will be added.

Step 12:Verify the locations added and click on “Done” to save your selections

Step 13: Once you save your locations, it takes you to the Campaign Creation screen.
The next step is to select the Languages. Click on Edit and choose the language of the
websites that you would like your ads to appear on. By default, the language targeting is
set to English

You can choose any language based on your business interest.
It is important to understand that Google will not be translating your ads or keywords
based on the targeting language you select. You must add translated keywords and
ads if you want to target other languages.

Step 14: Choose your Bid Strategy for your keywords. There are two

I’ll manually set my bids for clicks

AdWords will set my bids

For every keyword, the cost per click varies based on competitors bidding for the keyword
during Ad Auction. I would suggest you choose “I’ll manually set my bids for clicks”.
Also, I would suggest you analyze your Keyword bid values before you proceed to the next
step. Click on the Tools menu and right-click on Keyword Planner sub-menu. Open it in New
The window for reference.

Let’s go to the Keyword Planner window to analyze the bid values
suggestions for keywords.

marketing services - Google AdWords

Bid Strategy and Tools Menu

Keyword Planner Window

Search for new Keyword Ideas
Step 15: Keyword Planner Tool helps you identify various keyword combinations related
to your
keyword, monthly search volume in Google, and suggested Bid values.
Expand the “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas” row

Enter a keyword related to your business to get more suggestions related to that keyword.
Choose the targeting Location, Language, etc. to make research the keywords under

the selected conditions.
I entered “digital marketing training” to search for keyword combinations and bid values.
I chose Delhi and English as Targeting Location and Language.
Now click on Get Ideas. It opens up the Various groups and Keyword Ideas related to
“digital marketing training”

Step 17: It shows Average Monthly Searches, Competition, and Suggested Bid for the
keywords. You have to analyze the various keyword combinations suggestions provided in
this tool to decide on specific keywords to bid for.

Adgroup and Keyword Ideas
Do not choose generic keywords for your campaign. Always choose specific keywords
and bid for them. For example, I would suggest you choose “digital marketing training
Delhi” as your keyword. This should fetch more focused visitors from your marketing
campaign as they are specifically looking for training in Delhi.

Step 18: Let’s click on the “Digital Training” Adgroup from above and
analyze. As you see in I found that “digital marketing training in Delhi”
is the best keyword for me to target with an Average Monthly Search of 70, Medium
Competition and suggested bid of Rs. 127.78. You should do this analysis for all Adgroup
Ideas and find more keyword themes for your campaign.

5 Keyword Ideas
Step 19: Based on keyword planner analysis, I decided to set Rs.128 as the bid value and will
by adding “digital marketing training in Delhi” as my keyword for my first ad group.
The budget amount should be decided based on how much you are willing to spend on the ads.
Consider if I’m planning to spend Rs. 80,000 on my AdWords campaign for a month,

divide it by 30.4 to know the amount to be spent for a day and enter it in the Budget per
day box. Here, in this example, we have decided to spend Rs. 60,800 and hence we have
entered the budget as Rs.2000/day.

6 Bid and Budget
Step 20:
Ad extensions will be covered later in this chapter. For Now, we can Save and Continue.

Step 21: Provide the name of your first Ad group. It is important to understand that the name
of the Ad group is for our reference only. This has got nothing to do with the performance
of the campaign.
Add the Keyword “digital marketing in Delhi” under this ad group

Ad group name and Keywords
While adding keywords, we need to decide on the various keyword match types to add.
There are 4 keyword match types.

Broad match: digital marketing training in Delhi

Phrase match: “digital marketing training in Delhi”

Exact Match: [digital marketing training in Delhi ]

Broad Match Modifier: +digital +marketing +training in +delhi
Match types are used for informing Google about how the keyword should be matched
with the search term by the users for showing ads.

Exact Match Type :
Exact match type is used to specify the Google search engine that our ads should be
shown only if a person searches for that exact term included in the AdWords campaign.
Exact type keywords are added inside Square Brackets [].

Example: when we give [digital marketing training], our ads will be shown only if people
search for digital marketing training. If they search in a different order with the same terms or if they include “in Delhi” in the search term, our ads will not be displayed. or if they include “in Delhi” in the search term, our ads will not be displayed.

Phrase Match Type:
In Phrase Match Type, our ads will be shown if people search for the exact term, or with
some other terms at the beginning or the end of the keyword phrase provided by us. Our
keyword order should not be modified. Phrase match keywords are represented using
double quotes “ ”. Example: When we add “digital marketing training” in phrase match,

our ads will be shown if people search for the following terms.
digital marketing training in Delhi.
Delhi digital marketing training.
digital marketing training
Our ads will not be shown for the following keywords. training for digital marketing in
Delhi. training for digital marketing

Broad Match Type :
Broad Match type is the most generic way to add a keyword, such that the ads will be
shown if the search term contains the keyword in any order and this also shows ads for the
plural terms and other same-meaning keywords. Not all the terms in the

Example: When digital marketing training is given in broad type, Our ads will be shown
for the following:
digital marketing
marketing training
training for marketing
training for digital marketing, etc.

Broad Match Modifier:
This type of keyword is used to prevent the ads from being displayed to irrelevant
customers. This type of keyword would have a Plus symbol before the important terms of
the keyword. The terms with the plus symbol should be compulsorily present in the search
term but can be in any order.

Example:If our keyword is +digital +marketing +training in +Delhi, we can see that we
have included + symbols for the keywords required to be present in the Search Term.
Our ads will be shown for the following search terms: digital marketing training
Delhi digital marketing training
training for digital marketing training Delhi
Our ads will not be shown for the following: marketing training Delhi
digital marketing training
training in marketing
We have added all four match types just to explain. Google suggests following Broad to
Exact approach. You may start by adding just a broad type and analyze. You may then
move on to include only specific match types as required.

Step 22:Once you are done with adding the keywords, click on continue to ads.
Step 23:Create your Text Ad for the first Ad Group

Create ad
The headline of the ad will be shown on Google Search Results Page. It should not
exceed 25 characters and should contain keywords. Make sure to use “Initial Caps” for
your words for better readability.
our Headline is “Digital Marketing Course”

Ad Text (Description Line 1) & Ad Text (Destination Line 2):
Should contain unique selling points about your business and Call action terms such as
buy now, enquire, contact us, etc. Each line should not exceed 35 characters limit.

On the right side, we can see the preview of how our ads will
be displayed in Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page).
Note: Ads should follow Google AdWords Guidelines. Search for “Google AdWords
Guidelines” to know more about Ad Guidelines and Policies.

Display URL:
It should not exceed 35 characters. It should contain the domain name

of our Display URL
Destination URL / Final URL: Final URL has advanced features when compared to
Destination URL option. So, choose the “Final URL” option and enter your Landing Page

Do not use your home page URL here. It should be the actual Landing Page URL where
we talk about the digital marketing training program. Land your visitors on the page they are looking for. Do not land them on a generic page like your home page where you
talk about everything. Do not confuse your visitor by providing more options.

Advanced Ad Options: Please leave URLs for Mobile and Custom Parameter options
empty. Save the ad by clicking on the Save button

Step 24:Click on the Review Campaign button to review your Campaign Settings, Ad group,
keywords, Ads, and Bids. If you are fine, Click on “Save and Finish” to create this
Step 25:Once you click on Save and Finish, you would see a pop-up to continue to billing.
We will set up billing at a later point.
ChooseSave and Finish to analyze our Campaign first.

Step 26: Here is the AdWords interface with our Campaign. Campaigns
and Ad Groups are listed on the left pane. On the right pane, you have various tabs “Ad
Groups, Settings, Ads, Keywords, Ad extensions, and Dimensions”.
You will be able to add/modify/pause/enable/delete Ad groups, Ads, and Keywords from
respective Tabs above.

You can create new campaigns by choosing “All online campaigns” from the left pane.
You will be able to change the campaign settings for your campaign from the Settings Tab.

Step 27:These extensions are used to provide more information about the business,
website, or products. We are going to add three key Ad Extensions for our just upcoming – Digital
Marketing Campaign:

You can add Ad extensions at the campaign level or the Ad group level. If you add a campaign-level extension, it applies to ads in all Ad groups. If you add an Ad group level extension, it applies only to ads in that specific Ad group. It is advisable to add Ad group level extensions to have focused extensions per ad group.
To add an Ad extension, click on your Ad group under Ad Groups Tab

Step 28:Choose your Ad group

Step 29: Click on New Sitelink

Sitelinks extensions :
Click on Sitelinks Extensions to create site links for specific ad groups. It opens up the
Sitelink Extension window.

Step 30:Provide the required details to create a site link

marketing services – Google AdWord

Google AdWords

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