How to Vacuum Carpet, 4 different styles

Do you know how to vacuum carpet as carpet texture? The cleaning style is varied according to a carpet. For dry cleaning and lasts for a long duration, you need to know the process correctly. Every carpet has different cleaning method depends on Knitting and fabric. Therefore, learn the right way of cleaning suitable for your carpet.

4 Best way of cleaning Carpet

Before cleaning your carpet some knowledge and guideline are necessary. So, look at the points and choose the best method that compatible with your carpet. Even correct process can make it the best vacuum for tile floors and carpet.

Woven Carpet Vacuuming

Vacuum woven carpet considering thin or heavy pile. A pile is fibers direction lay in the carpet. Vacuum as pile direction for smooth cleaning. Don’t vacuum against the pile direction. Otherwise, you will face obstacles to brush. Even it can cause damage to carpet breaking soft wools.

Always vacuum carpet pile direction wise and avoid fringe. Try to hold down fringe by foot or hand. It can be harmful both to cleaner and carpet in a different way. So, careful to the fringe and edge while vacuuming.

Tufted Carpet vacuuming

Tufts are attached to the carpet by a strong glue that holds them together and restrains from spread out. If the carpet is old enough and the tufts are braking or crumbling, vacuum softly. Pressurized too much can fall out the tuft. That would become worse to look the carpet. For carpet cleaning use canister vacuum cleaner. It has suitable brush suction system for vacuuming the carpet.

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Flat Carpet vacuuming

Flat carpet cleaning is easier because there is no pile direction. The fibers are thin here. But the flat rug is made from materials. Flat carpet has poor ability to hold dirt. So, it gets dirty easily. But vacuum softly over the carpet. Turn over the carpet while one part is done. Dirt also lay on the floor and both side of the carpet. Therefore, need to vacuum floor besides carpet. Even you can clean your rug this way.

Shag Carpet vacuuming

Vacuum this type of carpet using beater bar with the cleaner. Careful to the edge of the carpet. Vacuum softly over the fringe of the carpet. Use your hand or foot to hold edge and fringe if necessary. Clean both sides of the carpet always. Move forward and backward of your vacuum to clean thoroughly.

Shag carpet is usually heavy. It would be difficult to move and turn over alone. So, be helped by another person to clean it properly. However, thick fiber tends to absorb dust more.

Final Verdict

Now it will be easy to vacuum your carpet perfectly. Besides, follow the cleaning instruction are given with your cleaner. Your carpet and the device both will stay good by maintaining guideline. The process will be applicable for rug, doormat, and carpet altogether. So, take the idea of how to vacuum carpet first and then apply.

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