Fruit Cutting Tools- Best Cutting Knife and Machine for Fruit

A good tool will be the best friend in cutting fruit. You couldn’t realize the difference until you experience it. Cutting up the fruit with a perfect knife is a life-changing experience. Thus, there is lots of option on the market when it comes to fruit cutting tools. However, today we are going to discuss some basics tools that typically come as tools in fruit cutting. Let’s start.

Fruit cutting board

fruit cutting tools

General was speaking; the cutting board is a durable board which is used for cutting. Normally, a cutting board is applied for food. Cutting board is usually made of plastic, wood, steel, glass, and marble. Other types of material are leather and steel. It helps for smooth cutting. There is the various design of cutting board.

Most of the time green cutting board is preferred for fruit and vegetable cutting. Furthermore, everyone says the wooden board is best for fruit cutting. Here are some best cutting boards out there for cutting fruit.

  • Bamboo Kauai Cutting Board
  • Epicurean Gourmet Series Cutting Board
  • Teak has Rectangle Carving Board with Hand Grips
  • Prepworks by Progressive Cutting Board

Carving fruit is not just a benefit but has a lot of advantages. It can relieve distress and worry. Thus, decorating fruit is easy yet inexpensive hobby which gives full of satisfaction. When a normal fruit turns into art, it just a magical feeling. Though you can curve the fruit with anything available around you, a great tool gives you a sense of accomplishment and will save your time too. However, Some of the tools use for decorating for fruit are garnish knife, channel knife, peeler, zest, melon baller, V cut tools, orange tool, apple corer, etc.

Fruit Cutting Knife and Machine

There is a different machine that can cut fruit into different pieces. As the cutting process of different fruit varies, thus you need different tools that can cut. So let’s see some of the fruit cutter machines.

  • Cutter: Example-Melon Cutter.
  • Slicer: Example- Avocado Slicer
  • Knife: Example-Fruit Cutting Knife
  • Cover and De-Corer: Example-Pineapple De-Corer
  • Pitter: Example-Mango Pitter
  • Peeler: Example-Apple Peeler
  • Opener: Example-Coconut Opener
  • Seed Remover: Example-Apple Seed Remover
  • Baller: Example- Melon Baller

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How to cut fruit

As each of the fruit’s size varies in shape and size, so the cutting method is obviously different from each other. Let’s see some of this.


The classic method of cutting a mango is slice around and turns inside-out of the pit. Another popular one is glass method.


The simplest way is to cut the top as well as the bottom. Then just slice down the middle.


Cut the whole fruit into the quarter, and then slice along the pineapple. At last slice again in the quarter. And you are done.


To cut in four-piece, bonus point of a rubber band. At the meantime, keep them all together for pretty lunch-bagging.

Final thought

To wrap this fruit cutting tools up, we could say cutting fruit with a great knife will save your effort and time. However, we hope you enjoyed our article and it will be helpful for you.

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