Essential Oils For Sprained Ankle and Treatment for Pain

Introducing some essential oils for sprained ankle healing. A sprained ankle is when the ligament tears from a bone joint. To make it clear the tissue connected with bones and joint twisted or torn. It happens when you excessive pressure force against the ligament position.

However, anyone can sprain their ankle by unconscious movement. But for the problem, there is some essential treatment for curing. This will help you to get well soon.

The Required Essential Oils For Sprained Ankle


Nothing is alternative to doctor suggestion and treatment. You must see a doctor if you got the injury. But you must need extra care to your ankle besides doctor treatment. It takes about a month to cure.

A doctor can definite it how long it will take according to damages though. However, using some essential oils for sprained ankle, you can heal and reduce the pain early.

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Rosemary Oil: This is antispasmodic and circulatory oil. Massaging the oil over the ankle will increase blood circulation.

Geranium Oil: This oil is anti-inflammatory used for pain reduction. The pain causes typically for ligament displace. The oil is alternative to a painkiller.


Chamomile Oil: Chamomile oil is antispasmodic that suppresses the muscle twist. Even it works against pain stimulation.

Lavender Oil: Lavender oil is analgesic and antispasmodic both that works for regular the muscle.


Vetiver Oil: Massaging vetiver oil to bring a redness of a damages skin daily. Besides, improving the blood circulation that hampered during injury.

How To Use The Oils Effectively

The essential oils are excellent for a sprained ankle. The oils are alternative to drugs. Daily utilizing the oils can improve blood circulation. Even helps to snooze the severe pain.

The oils are made from purely natural ingredients. Try to use the oils once or twice in a day for better result. However, look the points to make the best use of the oils:

  • Mix two drops of oil with coconut oil and rub it slowly over your ankle.
  • If you like, choose only one kind of oil and massage it on the ankle.
  • After applying the oil for two minutes put warm something there.
  • Put few drops oil in the warm water with some salt and soak your feet for a while.

Benefits of utilizing the Oils

After a bandage to the damaged ankle, you will need to take medicine. Exercise to normal the ligament. But we all know that drugs are not well all the time for the body. The natural herb can provide the same benefits without any reaction.

Moreover, applying the oil on the ankle will stimulate blood circulation. It assists in preventing intolerable pain. Because of the particular components are exist there.

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Hopefully, following the home remedy, you will cure your ankle soon. Besides, do pursue dr advise as well. But avoid a chemical reaction, and harmless always try herbal tonic also. The essential oils for sprained ankle are vital and non effective. Using the oils daily will bring back your ankle to the previous position.

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