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1. Google Trends

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Knowing your product in-depth and analyzing how it fares on the internet is the foremost
step to be carried out.

Google Trends gives you the trending search data in Google for
your business. For example, as a Supermarket owner, you will be able to compare and
analyze trending search terms in Google.

Analyzing the current search trends for your business will enable you to understand the
specific search terms (technically called keywords) users enquire about globally and locally.

By forming your Website Content and Keyword Strategy after analyzing Google Trends,
you will be able to address the users by delivering them what they searched for.
Get Started Let’s do a simple analysis in Google Trends. I want to see search trends for two keywords
“supermarket” and “grocery store” in India. I would like to know which search term is
more popular in South India so that I can buy my website domain name based on that.

I would also use this data to form my website content around such trending keywords. I
suggest you do this analysis along with me for your business-related keywords. Let’s

Selecting Filters to get a refined list is also provided. For instance,
targeting a country or setting a particular timeline during which the searches were made
is made possible with the search results

The option of selecting Categories of your particular search (In the case of grocery stores,
the category could either be business and industrial or shopping) and the search for it as
images or videos on YouTube can also be examined. You can also filter data
for a specific period.

Categories and Search Type
As you apply your filters, Google Trends shows the Trending data for your keywords. It
provides “Interest over time”, “Regional Interest” and “Related Searches”
Interest over time shows a relative search trends graph for your keywords

An additional feature is the availability of news headlines and forecast
features. The news headlines feature is marked with alphabets and gives you an insight into
why the search results have been high or low during that particular period?

The forecast feature provides you with how the search term would fare later this year.
To see the news headlines, hover your mouse over to the point with the alphabet
and click over it. The forecast is displayed through dotted lines.

Regional Interest
The selected geographical locations display a deeper view of how the search results have
performed state-wise. As shown in Snapshot 1.10, the “supermarket” keyword is very popular
in Tamil Nadu. “grocery store” keyword is used more in

Tamil Nadu has a relative score of 63 when compared to Haryana for this
keyword. This trend shows how people search in different states. You can further drill
down to cities and take a look at specific places

Related Searches
From Snapshot 1.12, we could see the Trending Search Queries related to
the “supermarket” keyword. shows trending queries for “grocery store”.

You can also choose specific Topics of your interest and view trending search queries. If you
chooseRisingtab, it shows other rising queries for the keywords entered

Google Trends helps you find trending keywords or search queries in specific regions or
worldwide. It helps you in identifying website content and keyword strategy.

You may want to choose your domain name based on current keyword trends for your business in
your locality. As you noted, people in different regions use different keywords to look for
the same business

2. Competitor Analysis

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As the name suggests, ‘Competitor Analysis’ is nothing but analyzing your competitor’s
website and the internet marketing strategies followed.

How do I find my Competitor?
Analyze the current keyword trends for your business using Google Trends. After finding
the top keywords being used in your locality for the business you run, type the keyword or
the key phrase in Google Search.

All the websites displayed under the Organic Search
Results are to be considered your online competitor.

searched for “online
supermarket” in Google Search to find my competitors in this
segment. I should start analyzing the websites

Take a look at these components:

Website content on all pages

Keywords used

Home page design



Menu Items

Delivery Options




Security Features


Phone Numbers / Inquiry Form / Chat (Support Options available)

Terms & Conditions

Product Information (Look at the description for products. Photos from various angles)

Shopping cart experience (Add to cart, Buy Now, Payment Gateway, Cash On
Delivery, Card on Delivery, easy 2 or 3 steps purchase experience)

Customer newsletter and sign-up strategy

Gift vouchers

Offers for festivals

Product Search

Social Media and Videos (How engaging? What do customers speak?)

Reviews & Ratings


Title, Meta Description & Image Alt Tags for every page in their website (RefChapter
5 SEO)
Collect such points for all your competitor websites and put them in Excel. With all such
points, and identify the best approach and flaws.

You should make sure you have resolved all flaws in your website and implement the best approach. Also, create your unique website
strategies to differentiate your website from competitors. Provide better Unique Selling
Points and Support options.
Also, analyze your competitors’ presence on other platforms:

Social Media like Google +, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, …

Online Business Directories

Online Communities

Online Forums

Their Press Releases

Their Blogs

To learn more about the above platforms, please refer to Chapter 5 SEO, Chapter 6 YouTube and
Chapter 7 SMO
By analyzing your competitor’s strategies on such platforms, you will be able to create a
better approach towards your branding exercise.

3. Website Strategy

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Your Website is the key to your Digital Marketing Success, the strategy followed
must be thorough and complete. To build a strengthened Website, the following
core components are essential;

Know your current Trends in your target location and form your Keyword and Content
strategies for your Website.

Know your Competitor’s Website Advantages and come up with better solutions in your

Your Website Domain Name is your key to success. So choose it after your Keyword
Analysis. If your Domain Name contains the core keyword, it is an added advantage for you
to come up in Google Search results.

Provide enough Content & Images to better understand your products and services.

Your Unique Selling Points should be highlighted to make your visitor stay. It could be
Promotion for the month
Technical Specification
Guarantee / Warranty

Every page should need to have the answer to “What Next?”. It is also called as “Call To
Action”. You should guide your visitor. Make sure to highlight your call to action in your
website. Some calls to action:
Inquiry Form
Call us Now (Phone Number)
Buy Now
Add To Cart
Book Now
Learn More

Easy Checkout. Your visitor should be able to complete checkout in max 2 or 3 steps.
For example, go to and see how easy it is to purchase a product. Do not
ask for unnecessary details during checkout.

As there is no representative to explain the technical details online, your Technical
Specifications should need to have complete descriptions.

Improve user confidence
Social Media Plugins
Reviews and Ratings
Website Security Feature
Privacy Policy
Terms & Conditions
Company’s Background
Google Maps Integration

Improve Engagement
Attractive Banners
Live Chat
The layout of your website
Font and Background
Informative or descriptive Videos
Home page design and logo design

Customer/Visitor Retention Strategy
Easy Signup
Newsletter Signup
Signup and download free PDF options
Remembering the user choices and showing relevant products/services
The better your website, the larger and longer the users visit it. Your website serves as the base for
what you have to offer and making it fare better to the customers results in a stronger faith.
This a result gives you a higher sales opportunity.
Having a great website design with all the above components is a key factor for your Digital
Marketing success

As people enter your website, you should try various experiments to
make them stay and achieve what you expect them to do on your website. It could be an
inquiry or a sale or a phone call.

Please understand there is no executive to help online visitors. It’s all about your website
design, content, images, videos, and other support resources.

Guide your visitors and provide enough support to help them find what they need. Provide
enough information to explain your products and services. If required provide live
chat/telephone assistance.
Make your website as easy and engaging as possible.
You need to buy a domain name and hosting server for your website. You may do this on
your own from websites like, and, Bigrock. in … Make sure to search
for the best packages before you choose your Domain and Hosting provider.

Compare their review especially support before choosing them.
If you are not comfortable with managing the domain and hosting for your website, I would
suggest you hire an agency.

At the same time, request them to buy and maintain your
domain and hosting under your login details. If there is an issue, it will be easy to retain
your domain and hosting server.
Mobile Responsive Website:
Many visitors are using Mobiles to view your websites. If you do not have a website
version for mobile or a mobile responsive website, you are going to lose your mobile

A typical website is not good for engagement of Mobile Visitors as screen size
differs. You need to have proper versions created for Mobile. There are two ways to
approach this.

Either you can create a mobile version of your website or you can make your
website Mobile Responsive using HTML5/CSS3.
If you are in India and not having a mobile responsive design, you are going to miss a lot
of customers.

4. Google My Business

google my business 512dp digital services marketing digital services marketing,Services,Marketing,Google

To get your business listed in the local business results of Google Search, register your
business in Google My Business is necessary.
When a user looks up a local business by indicating a specific location in their search
terms, Google prioritizes the local businesses registered in Google My Business.

If you are selling a product or maintaining a brand or performing a service, registering
your business in Google MyBusiness is a vital part.

Cataloging your business with
Google is by far the simplest way to get into Google search results.
To make your website listed in localized search results, you should add your business in
Google MyBusiness.
Adding a Business:

Step 1:Go to and click on “Get on
Google”. Login with your Gmail ID and Password.

Step 3:Choose your Business Type: “Shop or Service or Brand”. For Shop
and Service, address verification is needed. For Brand, you will receive only phone

Step 4: Start typing your business name in the search bar and choose “Let me enter the
full business details”. In this case, I wanted to add our Organisation IIMWA. I searched for

Step 5: Enter the Name of your business & address. The address field is tricky. At
times, you get errors for your Street Address. Try various
combinations for your Address field to locate your correct address

You may want to keep trying by splitting up the Address Field by Adding lines using “add
line” link.

Category Field: Start typing & choose a closely matching category for your business.
After successfully entering your address, phone number & category, submit your
Step 6:Authorize that you manage this business and agree to the terms. Click
on “Mail me my code” to initiate the Postal Card Verification Process.

Note: Please do not delay by clicking on the “Continue and Verify Later” link to Initiate the verification process right away using “Mail me my Code”.

Step 7: Enter your name and click on “Send a postcard”. A postal card will
be delivered to the mentioned address with a verification code. Postal Cards should arrive
in 1 to 2 weeks. Make sure to collect the postal card and enter the Verification Code within
30 Days.

Step 8: Click on Continue in the “Postcard Sent” screen. It takes you to your
Google MyBusiness page for your business. Click on “Enter code” to
enter the verification code. Continue with Step 9.

Submit your Verification Code
Note: If you are yet to receive your Postal Card, wait for 1 to 2 weeks. You may come
back to this step at any time by clicking on “Enter Code” (refer to Step 8 above). Proceed with
other steps.
Adding Detailed Business Information:
Login to and click on “Sign In”. Use your Gmail ID and
Password to log in.
Click on Manage Your Page. It opens up your Google MyBusiness Page

Contact Info; Click on Edit and Add Phone Number, Website, and Email
Category: Add specific categories Hours: Add Hours of operation Maps & Search
Photos: Add photos and certificates
Introduction: Add a detailed introduction about your business. Make sure to mention your
core business keywords.
Once done with your basic details, it’s time to engage your visitors & customers through
this Google MyBusiness Page. digital services marketing
Engage your visitors and customers
Login to your Google MyBusiness Page here and click on
Manage Page.
If you scroll down, you will see this “g+ Share” section. You will be able
to post Text Updates, Photos, Website Links, Business Videos, and Events

Start sharing new updates, videos, and events through this page. Consider this as your mini
website and be very active in posting new updates about your business. Make it a practice
to post at least one business update every week.
If you further scroll down on your MyBusiness page, you will see Reviews

Reviews are the key to your business success. Encourage your customers to leave a
review on your page. As you get more reviews, your business information will be
displayed with star ratings which attract users’ attention.

How do I ask my customers to leave a review? Send an email to your customers asking for their experience and rating for your business
by providing your Google MyBusiness Page URL. What is my Google MyBusiness Page
URL? To get your URL, follow these steps

Place your cursor in the Top Left Corner of your MyBusiness Page It opens up the Main Menu.
Click on “Google+ Page”.
Copy the URL and send it to your Customers. Ex.

Ask them to open the URL and Click on the “Reviews” Tab to leave a review about your
Main Menu
Get a Custom Google MyBusiness Page URL
Usually, the URL for Google MyBusiness Page will be lengthy. Ex.

To have a meaningful and short URL, Google provides Custom URL for your MyBusiness
Page (if you are eligible).

To acquire a custom URL, go to your Google MyBusiness Page,
open your Google+ Page from Main Menu, and click on the “About” Tab.

If you scroll down,
you will see the “Get your custom URL” section. Click on the URL and follow the phone
verification process to acquire your custom URL.
For example, you can access LocSea’s MyBusiness page using It is straightforward to remember Custom URL. So acquire one for
your business.

Google Search Result Page for your business:
If you type your business name in Google Search, it shows your Business Address from
MyBusiness and also Maps Location. This is possible only if you add
your business to Google MyBusiness. digital services marketing

Google MyBusiness (Search Page with Business Address & Maps)
Adding Multiple Business Locations Do you have multiple branches? If more than one
business places to be added for your business, the following would do the trick.

Go to Google MyBusiness home page: and Sign in.
Click on the “Manage Multiple Locations? Use Google My Business Locations” link and
start adding multiple location digital services marketing

digital services marketing

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