How long do you cook steak on the indoor grill?

How long do you cook steak on the indoor grill? Often this question bothers those new chefs who are going to try to cook simple but juicy steaks recipes at home. There are many simple or complex methods to make stakes. Like the classic one with pan-cooking steak and searing per side in a hot cast iron pan. Some methods say start with oven cooking but finish in stoves.

My favorite one is slow roasting steak on the indoor grill. In this method heat evenly penetrate in the meat and cook perfectly. Also, it gets a nice crust outside and juicy meat inside. This method includes pan searing as well. So it’s an all-in-all combination which easies to impress your guest or treat yourself.

Here we are going to talk all about indoor grill steak cooking which will help you to prepare for an easy, quick but efficient steak preparation. If you don’t have indoor grill, choose an indoor grill according to your need. So let’s get started the guide.

How long do you cook steak on the indoor grill and what you should look before cooking?

cook steak on the indoor grill

You have a lot of option to choose when it comes to indoor grills. Some are nonstick; some are an electric countertop. Nonstick grills are very easy with cleaning. The electric grills have electrically powered heat source underneath the metal plate. They have both open and close grill option.

The close grills have both single, and rack surface and they are both usable cook. However, the indoor electric grill has temper settings and induction lights (in some models) when the grill is ready to cook.

You have another option- the grill pan or stove grill. They are the big cast iron pan which wide enough to fit over two burners. They come in round and square both shapes. It’s better to buy a grill pan with rubberized or silicone handle. You have to cook steaks at a good amount temperature. So if you have the option to save yourselves burn, it will be a handy option to consider

Some people argue about the two burner model that it has an issue with even heating. It’s kind of correct since the have gaps on the surface. So you have to choose either you go with the grill pan or give your stack a quick shearing before placing it on the steak pan.

The grill pans come with different size from 8 to 20 inches. For typical indoor using the 11 inches grill pan is best to have. Usually, it can provide a space to make four burger patty or chicken breast easily. Instead, you can cook a good size of meat chunk on it too. It’s better to use the nonstick pan if you want less mess with cleaning. But if you love the brown and crunchy surface of the steak the cast iron grill pan is ideal.

Steps to follow for perfect steaks

Start with preheating your indoor grill to the highest setting and follow these steps correctly.

Step 1

Take your meat chunk which you’re going to cook and rinse under regular water. Make sure the meat moisture made during packaging is clear well. Now dry it by using the kitchen paper and place it on the cutting board.

Step 2

Take a pinch of rock salt and rub it well. You should take the salt according to your test, but since we are going to simmer it, so you are better cautious with salt measurement. If you are going to average pen and smearing method, you can increase the slat a bit.

Now add freshly ground black paper and rub it’s all over the steak again.

Step 3

Add butter or olive oil to a sauté pan on the grill. Now add a crushed garlic clove onto oil/butter and some rosemary. When the oil begins to shimmer add the steak in it and cook it until golden brown. When one side is done switch to the other side and let it cook.

Step 4

Now when the other side is done remove the pan from the grill and place the steak directly on the rack. Turn the steak after 4-5 min if you like medium rare. For rare double the time. After one side it did switch to the other side. An indoor grill takes longer than the outdoor grill. So keep patients.

Step 5

You can also use touch —a steak’s firmness increases the more it cooks. Check the tenderness of the steak by touching it or use a fork. Also, check the temperature using a thermometer. For the medium rare the temp should be 145 F and for rare above 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 6

Once the steak is done, take away it from the grill and wrap it in an aluminum foil. The steak will be rest there for 10 min. It will help all juice inside the meat distribute evenly. Now unwrap it and place on the dish and slice or pierce it as like you want.

Indoor Grill Meat Cooking Times

If you are using the usual open and uncover grill in the kitchen, then your cooking will take these much longer. Like,

  1. Hamburgers- 14- 17 mins.
  2. Chicken Breast- 12- 15 mins.
  3. Flank Steak- 11- 15 mins.
  4. Sausages Precooked Hot Dogs- 5-7 mins.
  5. Fish Fillets or Shrimp- 5 – 7 mins.

The time may vary less according to the size of the thickness of the portion of your steak. So, check it thoroughly before stop the cooking.


Here is no time or occasion for having or serving steak. It’s a treat that anyone can try it for him or others. However, if you have an indoor grill, then you have the option to make a good meal anytime in the home. So, now you know many remarkable things about “do you cook steak on the indoor grill” which hopefully works for any situation. You can improvise the steak preparation according to your test if you want. Till then happy steaking!

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