What is GBWhatsApp? – The best features of GBWhatsApp

Modded version of WhatsApp is GB WhatsApp. We know that WhatsApp is a most popular social app, about one billion people are using WhatsApp over 180 countries. And stay in touch with family and friends. However, some don’t look happy to using official app. They are using modded version app. A lot of peoples are using GBwhatsapp. This app is fantastic; you can try it.

What is GBWhatsApp?

GBwhatsapp is unofficial modded WhatsApp. This app added some features which you don’t find on the WhatsApp. This app also benefited a user to using two WhatsApp accounts at once. This modded app fully free for users. This app better than official WhatsApp because it has more features which you don’t find on the official app.


Features of GBwhatsapp

The Official Whatsapp has good features, but it has only standard features. However, GB WhatsApp added some unique features which not available on the WhatsApp.

Multiple WhatsApp account

If you want to use two WhatsApp accounts on your WhatsApp at once, you could use this app. Becuase GBwhatsapp help to a user to using multiple WhatsApp account at once. You can try it.

Hide view status privacy

If you want to hide your activity, you could use this app, because, Recently this app added new features which help to a user to hide status privacy. And hide WhatsApp activity.

Themes support

This app benefited a user to change themes on the WhatsApp, but the official app is not compatible with this features. This feature is excellent.

Can disable calling

This app helps a user to disable calling system on the WhatsApp. But the official app does not allow to disable calling features.

Hide blue tick and second tick

This app benefited a user to hide blue tick and second tick. This feature saves users privacy.

Hide Online Status

Official app does not allow to hide online status. This features benefited a user to hide his activity on the WhatsApp.

Chat Lock inbuilt

Official app does not support to chat lock inbuilt, but GB WhatsApp helped a user to lock this messing app. This feature is usable.

90 image sent at once

Whatsapp does not support to send 90 images at once but this modded app support to send 90 images posted at once.

Upload big video

This modded app benefited to a user upload a big video file who more than one GB. But the official app does not support to sending big video file who longer than 16 MB.

Features of GBwhatsapp

 More features of GBwhatsapp

  • Hide view Status Privacy.
  • Hide chats, save status/story.
  • New Emojis.
  • Video call.
  • Big video upload.
  • Set Group name up to 35 characters.
  • Fixed Bugs.
  • Hide activity.
  • Copy other people status on the clipboard.
  • Broadcast message sent at once up to 600 people.
  • Supports 100+ language.
  • Change theme.
  • 24 hours online.
  • No ban issues.
  • Create WhatsApp theme and submit it to GBWhatsApp.
  • 90 image sent at once.
  • Ability to copy selected text of WhatsApp.
  • Lock WhatsApp.
  • Change application and notification icon.

Developer Credit

GBWhatsapp were modded by Atnfas hoak(Omar)

However, this app is fantastic and usable. You can try it.

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